Services Overview

Mental illness can affect anyone regardless of race, ethnic background, sex, income, lifestyle, or religion. There is no shame in mental illness. Much like heart disease or diabetes, it is an “illness.” When it strikes, people need caring, compassionate, supportive partners to guide them through these difficult periods of life. Bill Clinton once said “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of; but stigma and bias shame us all.”

Perspectives Behavioral Health Management is devoted to providing quality services to adults, children and teens in the state of Arkansas through structured programs with professional caring staff.

Day Treatment Program

The Day Treatment Program is a therapeutic day program provided for the purpose of treatment, symptom remission and prevention of premature and/or inappropriate inpatient hospitalization. Services will be provided to individuals that may require a more structured form of care than traditional outpatient services. It differs from the traditional outpatient program in that it requires more structured care for longer periods of time.

Initial and ongoing assessments will be provided to develop an individualized plan of care. Rehabilitative and life-skills services will also be provided to assist in the improvement of the individual's level of functioning.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

This program is designed for those individuals whose problems require specialized and coordinated interventions to help deal with multiple mental health problems (and often have physical illnesses that are affected by the mental health problems).  The specialized treatment team involves multiple individuals who specialize in these complex problem meets weekly with Perspectives Medical Staff and the care is coordinated closely with your medical teams (when needed and with your permission).  After this program is completed, additional services, if needed, are provided in the office based program.

Office Based Program

A full range of counseling services are available including individual, family and group therapy conducted by Master's Level clinicians and above who are licensed to practice in the State of Arkansas.

School Based Program

The School Based treatment program serves school age children/adolescents in need of behavioral/mental health services. It is an alternative level of care that differs from the more traditional outpatient treatment program in that the services are provided within the student's school setting in an attempt to minimize any unnecessary academic disruption.

The goals of the program include: reduction in acute symptoms, improvement in self-esteem, teaching of new coping skills that can be assimilated into the home and school environment, and to assist the student in assuming responsibility for their own actions and choices. Services provided include: individual therapy, family therapy, pharmacologic management and group therapy.

We encourage parents/guardians to participate in the program so the child/adolescent may have optimum success. With School Based services, Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC, brings the service to the source.

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Psychological Testing Services

A comprehensive range of psychometric services are available to meet the need of the child, adolescent or adult. Assessments available include intellectual, academic, behavioral (including ADHD) and emotional. Personality inventories and other valid screening tools are utilized on an as needed basis where indicated.


Services include, but are not limited to, psychiatric consultation, evaluation and medication management.

Crisis Management Services

Crisis management services are provided 24/7 by trained personnel for those individuals enrolled in the program.

Trauma-Informed Treatment Services

Treatment services are available for children and youth who are victims of abuse, neglect, or other traumatization, with use of evidence-based services to help them deal with the ravages of these situations. 

Adults who were childhood victims who have not been appropriately treated for previous traumatic events are managed is a specialized, evidence-based program integrating counseling, treatment of comorbid conditions (anxiety, mood disorders) and trauma-related effects.  Coordination with medical doctors is an important part of the program since data clearly shows that early victimization leads to later life problems in mental health, excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs, and a variety of adverse physical health problems and outcomes.  The data are clear -- specialized treatment helps!  Max Baker, MD, our Medical Director supervises and provides direct clinical care to most participants.