General Info

Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC, is a for-profit company providing quality outpatient services to the Medicaid child and adult population in Western and Northwestern Arkansas.

Services provided include:  Day Treatment (adult), Traditional office-based counseling (child/adult), Psychological testing (child/adult), School-Based Services (child), and Crisis Intervention services.

Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC, has earned a reputation for providing quality mental health services in a timely and efficient manner. We have a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment which utilizes the skills of the psychiatrists, therapists, paraprofessionals, and nurses working together under the physician’s supervision, in order to facilitate a comprehensive and constructive plan of care for the patients that we treat.  The treatment team works in collaboration with the consumer to develop the most appropriate plan of care given the presenting problem, needs/desires of the consumer, and resources available to that Individual We Serve

When appropriate, family members as well as other support persons can and will likely be involved in treatment.

We maintain strong contact with the primary care physician to maximize integration of care.


Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC, will strive to utilize the entire spectrum of mental health services in order to maximize the potential for full recovery, increase the likelihood of rehabilitation and return the individual to a productive and meaningful life.  We will take the necessary steps to achieve this goal by:

  • Developing individualized and specialized treatment plans utilizing evidence based services when available
  • Utilize the intensity adequate to prevent the need for hospitalization and other costly services
  • Utilizing the least restrictive and most cost-effective options for care
  • Empowering the individual to reach the goals they set for themselves
  • Supporting and teaching the individual to recognize their strengths in order to successfully live, socialize and work in the community
  • Assisting in the improvement of function, autonomy, self-esteem and happiness
  • Implementing innovative and integrated health care delivery models
  • Striving to be a behavioral health service provider that understands the dynamics and impact of trauma on the lives of individuals, families and communities and by continually building a program culture that is consumer empowered, evidence based, and understanding of the relationships among trauma, substance abuse and mental illness.


Our Mission is to provide quality outpatient mental health services based on sound business practices.

Central to our Mission is our desire to be the premier provider of quality outpatient mental health services in the State of Arkansas by providing a multitude of innovative services based on need and available resources while assisting both the family and community in the promotion of healing and change.

We will:

  • Provide excellence through our use of progressive and proactive services
  • Attract highly qualified personnel
  • Develop community partnerships
  • Value professionalism, teamwork, integrity, and responsibility
  • Continually assess program delivery


The philosophy of Perspectives Behavioral Health Management, LLC is to provide top quality care to individuals and families served to help them achieve their treatment plan goals. Key principles of treatment include evidenced based practices to accurately assess and intervene for remediation and/or management of mental health symptoms across all populations served.  Integration of cultural sensitivity and family involvement are part of treatment to enhance success. Each patient has individual needs and goals which are the priority of treatment.  PBHM will assess and treat in a compassionate manner. Services are designed to help patients' transition into a less restrictive environment as they complete their goals.